How We Work

Choosing Priorities

As per our mission, human health and wellbeing are our first priority, and we seek to meet the immediate needs of marginalized or threatened communities. Secondarily, we pursue creative and effective solutions to the long-term threats to these populations’ future welfare and prosperity.

Decision Making

The metrics matter. The Semnani Family Foundation has always sought to work with grantees that make the best use of grants–particularly seeking out charities and programs that minimize administrative and other indirect costs. We look for efficient users of our assets that are able to realize the most consistent impacts, and we monitor closely to make sure that each dollar spent yields a maximum return.

Our Approach

The Semnani Family Foundation partners closely with organizations and individuals with a demonstrated record of delivering significant, sustainable, and lasting change. Over the years, we have worked with the major international, national, and local charities, both religious and secular, to advance our mission. Our partners over the past twenty years have included the American Red Cross, Catholic Relief Services, UNICEF, LDS Humanitarian, Globus Relief, Global Health Alliance, Special Olympics, the American Cancer Society, the Huntsman Cancer Institute, Habitat for Humanity, High Road for Human Rights, Faith Voices for the Common Ground, the League of Women’s Voters, Universities and others.

Through initiatives in healthcare, education, and water availability, we not only provide immediate relief but also pave the way for a brighter future.