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Getting to the root of the problems surrounding global poverty can take time, but in the wake of disaster, the urgent needs of vulnerable populations must be addressed immediately. Both charity and the development of a restored harmony are required to foster the good of people at risk. Our foundation tackles both ends of this task, giving people hope that they will survive to see a better future.

Since its inception, the foundation has taken on projects related to healthcare, education, and the sanitation and availability of water. The following offers a glimpse into the areas in we have participated.


Working in collaboration with the Red Cross, the Japanese government, local churches and other philanthropic organizations, the foundation advanced the distribution of the measles vaccination through particularly wrought areas.


Taking particular interest in pharmacogenomics, our foundation has funded research on how a person’s genetic makeup can affect their response to certain pharmaceuticals. This has offered breakthroughs in areas related to cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and eye diseases.


While some areas in Asiacontinue to struggle with leprosy, our foundation worked closely with the Indian government to support leprosy treatment centers. Similarly in South Africa, we strengthened a suffering population with Covid-19 vaccinations.


With close ties to a number of religious institutions, our foundation worked closely with Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and Baha’i organizations to provide food, healthcare, housing and educational services throughout the world.

At the heart of the Foundation lies a fervent commitment to human welfare, always prioritizing health and the needs of society’s most vulnerable.

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