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Guided by his grandmother Maliheh’s example and teachings, Khosrow Semnani and his wife Ghazaleh established the Semnani Family Foundation in 1993. The foundation’s first grant was issued through CARE International to an orphanage in Romania that cared for newborns affected by HIV. Over the last few decades, the foundation has continued to build upon its mission to empower the disaffected, partnering with a variety of organizations in different countries who can make the greatest impact.

In addition to its global influence, the Semnani Family Foundation established roots within the state of Utah with the founding of Maliheh Free Clinic in 2005 to provide free healthcare to thousands of uninsured people in the Salt Lake City area.

Our Mission is Threefold:

First, to furnish prompt relief for marginal and vulnerable communities around the world, particularly those whose survival and security are at grave risk or immediate danger due to factors beyond their control, such as disease, famine, earthquake, flood, or war.

Second, to encourage creative research, education, and civic initiatives to find impactful, sustainable solutions that prevent or mitigate such factors in the long term.

Third, we hope to provide an example, inspiring others to use whatever is within their capacity to help those in need.


A successful businessman and industrialist, Khosrow Semnani emigrated from Iran and became a naturalized American citizen dwelling in Utah. He has always viewed philanthropy as an integral part of his life and kept one eye open towards international humanitarianism. Wishing to share his good fortune with others, Mr. Semnani and his wife established the Semnani Family Foundation in 1993.

While Mr. Semnani continues to lead the foundation in philanthropic efforts across the globe, he also maintains a strong connection to his homeland with the founding of Omid for Iran. Established in 2009, Omid for Iran is a social and political initiative committed to protecting and improving the life of ordinary Iranians through government policy.


While policy within the foundation is loosely formed to allow for agile decision-making, the Semnani Family Foundation focuses on allocating resources where they will make the greatest impact. Environmental disasters often necessitate immediate action for relief, but less urgent crises can accommodate a longer period of research to ensure we are encouraging and supporting the most effective and efficient solutions. In many instances, the foundation has opted not to participate in many well-established and renowned programs because of their high rate of indirect costs (administrative expenses, rent, utilities, staffing, and availability of volunteers) which can become a significant burden to the effectiveness of our resources. Our policy is always to have donations go to the actual costs directly related to the problem being solved.

Office Location

630 E S Temple St,
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Board of Directors

Khosrow Semnani

Taymour Semnani

Ghazaleh Semnani

Shirin Kia

Doug White

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